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Youth Opportunity Center

Nihal Foundation already sponsors skill development classes to the marginalized youth with a focus on the Sikh youth. Since 2012 youth from rural Punjab has been trained and employed via this Bridge Program. Nihal Foundation has found the YOC training centers more effective than simply giving scholarships which are often used to pay towards the rising fees of private education – and the graduating student still lacks skills and does not add value to their life or contribute to society.

The first YOC in India was started in Gurgaon. The Class room, trainers and infrastructure in Gurgaon are provided by Nihal Software and StudentSpace USA. Some of these trainees who have been skilled have already been put on a live projects from USA and are being paid a stipend of Rs. 10,000/month. Therefore, to take this successful model to the area which needs it most was proposed by the Delhi Chapter of the Nihal Foundation.


Currently, the YOCs have been set up and running successfully at the Nihal Software Gurgaon office and Patel Nagar Gurudwara, 14/8 west Patel Nagar, New Delhi. Other Gurudwaras in Delhi, Chandigarh and Punjab are approaching Nihal Foundation for a partnership. Our aim is to have 11 YOCs running by June 30th 2016. The main objective is to impact 500 unemployed youth in the first year. And in the next three years to impact 5000 youth positively by training and assisting them to get employment.

Besides technical skills, an emphasis is given to inculcating values and ethics so that the person trained is well rounded and has developed core values which can take them through life with respect and dignity. Regular workshops will be conducted on these topics and including workshops on corporate culture, financial management and other relevant topics. Experts here and from the US will be conducting these workshops and seminars to encourage these youth to join the workforce with Values in the mind and Skills in their hands!

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