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With an increasing of social dysfunction in society, the need of these values is severe. Nihal Foundation aims to bring awareness of these issues, through workshops, training, cultural exchange, arts and spiritual events. Through this multi – dimensional based empowerment, the foundation hopes to help these individuals in achieving their full intellectual, economic, social and spiritual potential to become model citizens plus responsible members of the global community.

For the last few decades there has been an unprecedented and much required focus on the girl child and the female gender at large. Incredible progress has been made in that crucial area worldwide. But has anyone thought specifically of the male child who comes from a poor rural background… what wrong has he done to be ignored by the large majority of government programs and NGOs?

Power is a finite commodity. Often when we empower someone then we often disempower someone else. It has happened in class and caste power struggles. Is that now happening in gender based ‘progress’? Stop… and think. Empowerment is a wrong word: the correct word, deeply rooted in human rights and the Sikh religious tradition, is emancipation. Focus should be upon measuring the extent of ‘slavery’ of any group, gender or individual, and then the appropriate steps should be taken to provide emancipation for that group or individual being correctly speaking, we should empower justice.

For us, at our Foundation, the key question is how should the male gender and specifically the growing male child relate to the female gender whether it be his mother, sister, friend or partner? This change from within in the traditional male psyche needs ethical and spiritual intervention. At Nihal Foundation we focus on that by providing training with a strong focus on inspiration, spiritual and aesthetic nourishment, and development, to create more enlightened boys and men who know how to respect women and have a healthy relationship with ladies at home or in the workplace.

We are confident that this is a keyway to achieve a society where these boys grow up to be meaningfully employed citizens equipped with 21st. century values and skills to participate in the eradication of crime against one another and specially crime against the women they interact with.

The approach of the Nihal Foundation is to:

  • Create an inclusive platform to promote human values while relating it to ethical behavior.

  • Develop a culture in students of ‘adding value’ to all aspects of their own and other lives.

  • Explore issues of identity, focusing on the integration of the personal, spiritual and professional dimensions.

  • Empower individuals to aspire to live a life based upon cultural, spiritual learning and justice.

  • Sponsor student/faculty exchange programs.

  • Support and sponsor Equestrian events and raise awareness for the better conditions for Retired Horses.

The Lost Male Child...

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